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I’m not sure which category this question best fits, so if Admin thinks this belongs somewhere else I’ll re-post.

I have a smaller shop and long ago I decided I didn’t have the floor space for a router table. My router is Bosch 1617 EVS PK and I have a Kreg table that I’ve modified by adding a cleat. The Kreg unit hangs on a wall when not in use alongside my trusty old Black & Decker Workmate. When I do table routing I set up the Workmate and the position the cleat in the jaws. Then I pull the router out of it’s case and set up to do my routing. (see pics)

As I age making adjustments to the router is becoming difficult so I’m wondering….is there a practical, light weight, router lift that I can add??? Could I leave it attached to the table when hanging? or will I need to add with each use?

Occasionally, I think about making the router table a fold down unit hinged to a wall. But that would require lots of changes to the shop and I’m not sure I’m up for that.

Anyway thanks for reading and thinking about my little problem. Stay safe!


1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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