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router mill ??

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I posted this the other day in the Lobby, but I think it may have got lost somewhere in the "non Router" info.

Someone posted an article about using a router to make a board flat. Does anyone remember where it was posted or better yet is the one who posted it reading this. All I can remember is that it's a jig that allows you to mount the router and move it side to side to remove the crown or bow in a board.

I sure hope someone can help me find it, or can give me some info.

Thanks for your help.
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If you are referring to the discussion on a " Thickness Planer ", I believe this is what you are looking for!!

The Vol. 4 Issue 21 of Shopnotes has a 4 page an article titled " Router Thicknessing Jig " which uses the router to plane boards on a adjustable platform bed similar to that mentioned by Doug with a few modifications.

Modifications include a clamping system, adjustable width up to 15-3/4" wide, and carriage support for the router.

They use a 1" dia. 1/2 ' shank bottom cleaning bit to achieve the cut
You can see the entire discussion of "Planing with a Router" at

If you need more info, PLMK.

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Hey Angus,
Take a look at Woodworkers Journal, Dec 2006 issue, "6 router tips" - plans for a sled for thicknessing material - if you can't find it, pm me and I'll get it to you (just give me a litle time - life's nuts right now) - it's very simple and effective.
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