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router model#

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Please tell what model# router is used on the show

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Hi Darrell

The old shows it was a Hitachi M12V (green) the new shows it's Porter-Cable many models (gray and black)

Here's a link you may want to read. ▼ it will rate almost all the routers on the market today,see the bottom of the web page for price and where to get them . :)

old type = Hitachi M12V ▼

Rick and Bob
The Router Guys
Well how many routers do we of 1.07.05

"I think its about 60 give or take one or two. We have 3 or 4 old stanley routers, 1 champion early 19th century, 2 early 50's skill, 3 B&D industrial grade for stair construction, 2 Rockwell, 1 old PC, early Cordless Makita trim router, one of the first Elu plunge routers to NA plus 3 of the production Elu, 3 of the B&D modified routers from Elu (Dewalt 625), 6 of the Dewalt 625, First Hitachi TR12's 1979 plus approx. 10 more TR12's and M12V, 2 Freud, 2 Trim routers from Hitachi, 2 PC 518's, 4 cordless PC, 4 PC 690 kits, 4 PC 890, 2 PC (8529?) 1 PC (7929?) Bosch trim router kit and two cordless dremel kits."
Rick and Bob
The Router Guys
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Bj :)
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