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Hi Gus

This is what I would try 1st, remove the router from the table and take a hard look at the cam lock device on the side of the motor mount, they look like they are locking but some times you need tighten the nut up just a bit, it cams over but it's hard to tell if it's doing the job right, because the lock mount is a split type.

You also said the slot is not true, when you have the router out check it for a crack in the motor mount,,,,that's about the only way I can think of because the motor is moving side ways in the mount.
Clamp it down and take your finger nail and go around the base you should not feel a crack in the motor mount, if you do a call to the server center,or a called for or trip back to the store you got it from.
They may give you some flack over clamping the motor or clamping it down without the motor in place, this will damage the mount.

Bj :)

Gus said:
I’m using a brand new Porter-Cable 2 ¼ HP router (model 891) mounted in a table. For a bit I’m using an Amana Tool 46106 1/2" up-cut spiral flute carbide bit. I’m cutting a ½” wide 3/16” deep channel length wise in a ¾” thick 4” wide 5’ long poplar board. I’m running the board with a power stock feeder at 15 feet per minuet. The router motor (not the bit) is slipping up word in it’s base I can see black rub marks on the side of the router motor. And the channel it is cutting ends up being not only deeper but wider then the ½” bit. Do I need to purchase a better router, If so what would you suggest?
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