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Router Pantograph

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I am looking for a Pantograph to us in my shop. If anyone knows a good cheap one that is easy and durable. I have a 6" base Craftsman. I want to mainly trace drawings and lettering. Thanks in advance
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Pantograph? never new this thing

Guess the possibilities with a router are endless

That Nicolas is because I guess that you're on the young side and there are so many wonderful things that you are yet to become acquainted with! (your profile doesn't state your age)
The one I have is old (the box is layered papyrus with an inscription that mentions something about Routmosis), but looks similar to the Milescraft model.

Additionally, I record heart and respiratory rates daily. Once plotted, that becomes my real Pantograph. ;)
I took my early retirement in 2002, so that makes me.... what?....68 !! and still there are many wonderful things to become acquainted, most of them in routers LOL

Thank you Harry, you made me feel younger even for a few seconds LOL

Hello Travis I just bought one from Craftsman . A Craftmans Deluxe Router Pantograph
model #25187for 54.99 plus shipping came to around $65 . and this is thonly one
I've found. Check out
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