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Router plate/lift ecosystems

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I know there is two main sizes of router plates/lifts, and each only fits in a couple of table brands.
I guess my question is, is either size more prominent then the other? Is there a benefit of one of the "eco-systems" over the other.
I just don't want to go down one path in fixing a set up only to discover the other would of been better. I realize getting one plate/lift with a table from the same company would be best...I just don't want to get down the road and discover I want to change something out and it come at a high cost because I'm on the wrong platform.
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Jess EM makes a lift that fits all routers that they have been able to test with called the Mast-R-Lift II and it will cost more but then seems toi have the widest range of compatability which will possibly save you money in the long run. At least that's how I presented it to my budget director (wife). :)
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