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Router Raizer on PC 7539

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Does anyone have any experience with the "Router Raizer" on a PC 7539? I have downloaded the installation manual from their website and noted that installation requires me to drill holes in my baseplate and the handle of the router. I'm not real keen on modifing my tools like this, without knowing for sure this is what I really want to do.
It looks like a good quality accessory, and fairly simple in design. I'd like someone's insight on this first though.
Thanks.... Chuck
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Hi Chuck,

I installed a Router Raizer (RR) on my PC 7539 and had the same concerns that you have. My concern was for both my new 7539 and a larger Rockler plate insert that cost me about $60. I held off installing the RR until I really felt confident. The instructions were a bit confusing. I ended up calling RR for support because I was concerned about screwing it up. The tech support was excellent. The person that invented the RR is also tech support and he insisted on staying on the phone with me until everything was done. I have never run into such good customer service. You will find that they provide a lot of extra parts for various models of routers.

You'll be very happy with the RR when you're done. It's very easy to use. Just be extremely cautious of the little button that gets placed inside your base plate insert because if you vacuume the top of your router table without removing the button you will be sifting through your dust collection system or vacuume tank to find the button.

Good luck.

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Hi Bill,
I read your reply to my post last night, but fell asleep in my chair before I could answer you. The older I get the more sensative that micro switch in my butt gets, you know the one that closes your eyes when you set down...... :)
Thanks for getting back to me about the RR. Of all the lift devices I've looked at, I like the design and simplicity of the RR the best. I just recently changed over my table mounted router from a shop made router table to my table saw extension table, and at the same time switched my table mounted (Hatachi M12V) and portable (PC7539) routers. Now I use the Oak Park 11" base plate on the PC (table mounted) & 7" on the M12V (portable) and their jigs with both routers. Since changing them around and and putting the PC in the table saw extension table, I find that making small adjustments in place are more difficult. I took the plunge springs and the release lever return spring out thinking that this would make it easier to adjust. It didn't help much. The PC is just too heavy and the reach is too far to control a small adjustment acurately..... :mad:
I'm happy for the recommendation and the favorable report on their customer service. You're right, you don't find customer service like that everywhere. I think I'm going to get the RR as soon as I can and install it. There are some other concerns I have as well. Will the RR interfer with pulling the router up through the hole in the table or changing bits? Does it not have a release on it to let it raise up all the way without having to crank it all the way out & then all the way down to the desired setting? Did you have to move any wires before you drilled the handle?

Thanks again,
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Take a look at this web link and it may put your mind at ease and help you during the installation.

I find no problem with the RR interferring with the removal of my router from my table. When I change bits I just release the 7539's lever and crank up the base to the desired height. It's very simple and quick. There are other router lifts out there that cost a whole lot more money that may make it even easier to change bits but I didn't think it was worth the money for more expensive lifts.

I did not have to move any wires on the router to install the RR. Look at the web link and it shows how everything is done, step by step.

If you do decide to call RR for help with the installation (because of the fear of ruining a really nice router and a nice table insert) the guy will enjoy telling you how he's a 1 man company and how he invented the RR.

Best of luck. Let me know how you make out.

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Hi Bill,
I checked out Binkie's and it still looks like what I want to go with. I haven't bought it yet though. I like to check out things before I buy. If I was to put my mind to work on it, I could probably build my own version of the RR, but I really don't have the time. The price of the RR isn't out of proportion with what you get in the kit. The only thing I don't like about it is having to pay for parts that go to another brand of router. How much stuff did you have left after you installed yours?
Binkie noted that the RR guy was working on a revision for the PC. Do you know if that is on the street yet?
Thanks for giving me the link to Binkie's. It was real helpful. I even got a couple of free plans downloaded.
I'll let you know when I install it.

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