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I have recently taken delivery of a new router table and i find that my Ryobi plunge router will not fit. The plunge mechanism restricts the correct placement of the router bit.

The router table is a Hafco Woodmaster.

Does anyone have any experience with this table and do they have a router recommendation.

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Hi Destino and welcome. I'm not sure what you mean when you say the plunge restricts the bit. In what way?
Not certain, but I think you have to remove the spring from the plunge base to use it in a table. Someone will know. Did you check our collection of instruction books on this site? I always find the most interesting information in the instruction books.

Oh yes, and welcome to the Forum. You didn't mention where you live (country) because there are huge differences between Euro, asian and America's models of what looks like the identical machine.
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum here is a copy of the manual if it will help you.


That table is a generic sliding router table. I have one from MCLS branded. The router mounting is kind of funky and my Bosch 1617 didn't fit well. So I tried to drill holes through the table to mount the router, but that did not work well so I cut out the top and mounted a rockler lift with its own plate. Now very happy with the table. Also the fence was a piecs of junk so replaced it with a Eagle 100 fence from Eagle American. Below is the link:

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Welcome to the Router Forums.
Welcome to the forum.. If it is a Hafco Woodmaster, you must be in Australia?

I have a Hafco band saw, and just sold a Hafco table saw.
Hi there

Thanks for your response. The issue with the plunge component is that given the thickness of the table with the router components attached the router bit cannot extend high enough above the table.

I'm very new to this world. I've been considering such a purchase for some time and on the recommendation of the local tool shop i purchased this table. However I don't think i asked the correct questions concerning a suitable router to fit to it. The glossy brochure says it fit almost any router and whilst this may be technically correct the attachment mechanism is i feel a bit of a dodgy design. especially if you want to quickly and easily maintain a constant location. I have a Ryobi plunge router and an AEG 1400 and I'm located in Southern Australia. Cheers and thanks
Herb Stoops

Thanks for your response. I'm not sure that I'm confident in such a renovation of the table at this time.

However in looking at the photos it is the same table as mine and I can fully understand why you have made such a change.

I concur with you that the router attachment mechanism could have been designed somewhat better. The ability to accurately and consistently position a router in/on a table I would have though was a basic entry level.

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