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Router review KM12VC

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I will brake this up into several posts. Since many of you figured out the code on my other post and know that the H model is the one I just got. Since I just got it and had trouble finding much information I thought I would collect it and post a review. For other Porter Cable users this might be interesting as to what things are usable from the 690 series (or simular).

KM 12VC Review

This is a new router on the market and since I did not find much information on it when I went surfing on the web I though I would do my own review and share it with you.

General information:

Made by Hitachi (Hitachi Koki)

“…the concept for more powerful, quiet and ergonomically styled models to plainly differentiate them from the competitors.”


Soft Start

Electronic Feedback

2 ¼ HP

11 Amp.

Variable Speed 8,000 to 24,000

Tool-less 2-stage motor release clamp

Extremely low noise level-only 80 dB

Nickel-plated housing for smooth cutting depth adjustment

Fixed and Plunge bases

1/2" and 1/4" Collates

7-piece pc template set

Template guide adapter

Centering gauge

Large hole sub base (with a flat edge) (total of 3 sub bases)


Single case


W/Fixed base 7.3 pounds

W/Plunge base 9.9 pounds


Most places are selling it for $180 US

Some places are throwing in a free sander ($60 value)

I paid $159 including everything.


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Question about this router...

Hi there,

I just got a set of these raised panel bits, unfortunately, my router kit is 1 1/4 Hp fixed speed, and that I know is a big NO-NO with this size of bits, I plan on doing maybe two sets of cabinet doors, but at a very slow pace, so I expect them to be good for these 2 projects, cutting mostly knotty pine.

However I want a 2nd router (to be mostly permanently mounted to the table I am about to build for about $20 and lot's of free material) will be posted as work progressess.

And the question is...Is this router adequate for the intended application (raised panels) or should I go with 3 1/4 Hp and have power to spare?, I am really watching the cost here...



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