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Birchwood said:
Okay.Here's the problem. A graceful curving swan neck, cut from nice clear pine, 20" from base to top of head. Cut on jig saw and I want to turn (roundover) edges. I've watched Rick n'Bob do it a million times on the table, using the "safety pin" etc. but I have never done it. My Rockler table insert has no provision for a pin, so I will try a pointed stick clamped in place. If I am standing in front of my table and my bit is turning clockwise, it will be coming toward me on the right hand side of cut out. So where does safety pin go? Can I round the entire shape in this manner; it gets a little "curvy" up around the head and bill. IS there a better way. I know I can ALWAYS sand the edges, but they are never as nice an uniform. All suggestions will be appreciated.
If the router is under the table with the bit "looking up at you" the bit will be turning counter clockwise, not clockwise !!
If the work piece is between you and the router bit, move the work piece from right to left. If the bit is between you and the work piece, move the work piece from left to right. It depends what "setup" you are comfortable with. If I'm using a pattern and pattern bit, I like to see the bit follow the pattern. Practice with a junk piece, and fashion a bit guard over the bit !!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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