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Router speed and hp large panel bits

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Hi, I am new in this forum seeking help. I have a triton 2 1/4 router. I recently purchased Amanda cope and style set including the panel bit. The documentation said the speed of the bit should be 12,000 rpm. That is no problem. But they also said the bit is to be used with a router at least 3 hp! I am thinking maybe light passes would work, but I am not sure if doing that would be a good idea. Does anyone have experience or tips about routing panel bits when you do not meet the specks of the bits? Any help would be highly appreciated.
Many many thanks
Ps would this do in my router and or me?
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welcome N/A...

hog out what you can on the TS...
on passes.. what is the recommended depth of cut and what do you think qualifies as a light pass???
to light of pass and the finer chips won't remove the heat generated by the cutting...

go to this link and there is in depth information on routering...
maybe it's because so many got wind of the hypocrisies....
I've mentioned many times here that horizontal panel raising bits scare the hell out of me so I use and recommend vertical bits and your router will have no problem.


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For the speed listen to the sound the bit is making. If it sounds like an airplane it's too fast. You'll know it when you hear it. Even with a 3 hp it's a good idea to make several passes do the end grain first if using real wood. If MDF then it doesn't matter. I'm sure there are plenty of routers that claim to be 3 hp that aren't so I wouldn't be concerned about using yours. When using the rail bit make sure that you are also using feather boards to keep the wood tight to the fence and tight to the tabletop. When using the stile bit use something to keep it square to the bit. I use a miter gauge and a backup piece of wood to prevent splitting. If possible cut extra pieces in case something goes wrong during assembly.
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Badnewsz, I've had such issues with my old router, and that's why I got a new one from DeWalt.
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