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Selection of the hose will also affect the operation. I bought the Rockler Hose and Adapter Kit (on sale as I thought it was vastly over-priced) and can confirm the biggest complaint in the reviews - the hose is heavy. I then bought the Fulton 10' Hose Kit - Item #384 - from Peachtree Woodworking and it's perfect for the application. Only 1-5/16" dia. and very lightweight - probably wouldn't hold up to general use, but I only use it to hook up to hand tools (router, ROS, track saw, etc.) and think it would last for that. I have the Rockler hose/power cord and it's OK, but Stick is right in that a 90° extension would be an improvement - and you can go the route shown in the sketch below. For sanding and routing, I've found that the handiest method is to have the hose draped over my shoulder, coming from behind me, and down to the tool as it eliminates any "pull" against the tool from the weight of the hose.


1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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