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router table advice

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I"m looking for a router table but I have a small shop,. I was looking at the benchl dog table that attaches to the end of the table saw and has a porter cable 7518. bench

Sure would like to know is anyone has experiencedthis model.

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Robert, if you do not own a PC 7518 yet I would suggest buying one of the 2-1/4 HP combo models instead. The 7518 is very heavy and not good for doing small jobs in tight places. Don't get me wrong, I own a 7518 for doing the heavy stuff. I think you will find that hanging your router under your saw is more work than it is space saving. There are many good small table designs. I suggest you check out the Oak Park site and look at the Router Workshop table. Another good spot is ShopNotes. They have 3 very cool table designs. It is much easier to store a small router table under your saw than it is to adjust and mount and dismount your router there. check this out i have the fences and the brass bar's the table with the dust shoot's is the one i built or made the base for it they have lot's of good item's their del schisler
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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