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reds_21 said:
ok, i am having issues with my router table and need some advice. i have a craftsman router that i purchased awhile back that came with a router table. good for beginner (maybe) but i am having some issues with it. i haven't been able to use it that much only for the fact that the 3 mounting screws that hold the router to the underisde of the table are stripping. when changing the router bit or putting the router away, after time the phillips head screws have rounded. i gave up yesterday and said the hell with it!!! without the obvious advice which would be to make a nicer table how can i use what i have until i get good enough to make my own? it is a pain in the rear to constantly have to screw and unscrew these screws just to change bits.

i do have the plans for the router table that the router workshop uses but i don't think im experienced enough to attempt that w/o blowing theough a lot of wood.

does anyone have any advice!!!!

Any way you could post some pictures of your set-up? I have as of now 4 craftsman router tables and I might be able to give a couple of ideas how to work around some of the issues. I do not have to take the router on and off the table to change bits.... I do take the plastic "viewer" window off the router as that mostly got in the way and is not of any good use when mounted under the table.

As far as making your own table.... If you get a top like say the one from oak-park that is used on the Router Workshop and one of the plates they sell most of the hard work would be done for you. A table top can be mounted on pretty much a box minus the one side. I haven't priced the top and plate latly but amazon sells them and you can get free shipping.... I think they would come to maybe $110 or so???

Remember woodworking is fun.... but sometime things go a little haywire...
Last week I was putting a couple of shed doors together, it wasn't until I was putting the last coat of paint on them that I noticed I had assembled a part on each door backwards...... it had been a ruff hot day until then but I ended up laughing at my mistake, took an icetea break and fixed the problem I had made for myself and it turned out to be a good day in the shop.

Now take a deep breath and get back to the honey do list.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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