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Hi All first post looking for some ideas and opinions.

Am looking to build a DIY router extension to my Jet JPS 10 table saw. I have an offcut laminated 30mm tabletop which I plan to use for the extension plus a drop in router insert from Incra.

Was going to remove the entire right cast iron wing on the TS and insert the extension in between the rails. I have some concerns though with regards attaching the extension to the rails and the best way of going about it.

Option 1:

Create a wooden frame for the extension and attach this direct to the rails. My biggest worry here is how to go about aligning the extension to the existing TS tabletop.

Option 2:

Use some L-bar Aluminium with drilled slots to allowed for alignment. The extension will then be dropped onto the L-bar but I'll need to be routed out to accommodate the bolts that are attaching the Al to the rails.

Any other recommendations or suggestions? Opinions on the above methods?


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