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Router table fence

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I do not know if this has any features that have not already been covered on the forum, or not. I don't use a fence, which means I'm not familiar with the features, so figured I'd post it, just in case.
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It's a nice looking fence, but, all in all, it's very basic. He needs a pair of sliding fences with an adjustable outfeed fence for joining.
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Mine starts out like that Theo but with the improvements Vince mentioned. In post 3 in this thread.
Yeah, I wasn't sure. A split fence didn't occur to me, because like I said, I don't use a fence. But if I needed something like that, then yes, I would make it with split fence - all of this stuff is lodged in my brain somewhere, and won't show up until I need it. However, I do have a future project planned that actually will require a fence. But it won't be even close to looking like that. For what I will use it for, all I will need is just a chunk of 2/4 or a piece of wood laid on its side, clamped or nailed down, with a cutout for the router bit. Normally I do not need a fence, and mine will be a one time use job. In truth, I will likely be making several, because there will most likely be a bit of trial and error to get it spot on, will just have to wait and see. I love woodworking.
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