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I just went out and measured my router table at 40 1/2 inches, that is with an extension I added a couple year back, it had been 38 1/2. I'm 5' 8" and when I measured my elbow it is at 40". I raised the table to adjust for the fact I needed to get reading glasses and at the lower height things were not very clear. I've gotten use to the high table and I like it.

I have a book on "human factors" it contains a lot of good information on heights of tools, tables, cabinets, reach, widths, you name it This is used when doing designs of almost anything. The library near you might have a copy, if for no other reason then to see what all is inside. It is a "big" book so a lot to see. Now if someone is still interested in this sort of thing my personal copy is boxes up somewhere but I would be willing to get it out and see what it says about router tables, but you will have to ask nicely.

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