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Router table selection

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I've been searching the internet and have read a few books on router use in the shop, and I've decided on a simple router table, MDF top, and no lift at this point. If the need arises, I'll build the shop notes lift and use HDPE or UHMW for the travel, but that's beside the point.

I was quite set on the Bosch 1617EVS for my table, just a dedicated router for the table. I've been reading on this forum and on others, and I've seen the Triton come up quite a bit. I wasn't really considering it, but after seeing the adjustability from above the table, and reading reviews, it seems to be worthwhile. The problem is, it's out of stock everywhere, and my original plan, with the Bosch, is in stock.

Is it really worth waiting, to get the Triton? May not be a yes or no question, but I would love to hear from people with experience on either side of the fence.


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I'm in the camp of a proper lift. Either of these two can give smaller incremental adjustments from the table top but the Bosch does need to be close so the final adjustment can be made from the top. My understanding is the Triton has a longer adjustment travel from the top access but not sure how much more as I haven't seen or used one. I think it will really boil down more to how you use the router table. For some operations you'll need to make multiple adjustments to get the final cut while others can be done in a single pass. Deeper cuts, more adjustments. Some cuts like raised panels will be one bit height and moving the fence. The ability to make infinitely small controlled adjustments is where the lifts really make a difference, at least for me. How well or easily that can be done without I really don't know. I think your level of patience and allotted time would come into play.

Best possible scenerio would be to see these in action and then decide but that's unlikely unless there's a large group of woodworkers in your area.
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There are alot of router tables but the need and budget would be the main course for the selection.
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The Triton (I've never tried one) has more power which might come in handy if you plan to use large bits often, like the ones for raised-panel doors. It might take more passes with the Bosch. Many people get away without a lift... like me. ;) I am only a hobbyist and can't see buying one soon. The 1617 gets a lotta love around here (I love mine) but I use mine hand-held.
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