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router table to fit Black and Decker router

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I have a Black and Decker router #7614, as I have had it for years, looking for a router table that will mount to my router , currently looking at the Bosch R41141or Bosch RA1171, wondering if those are a good fit , or are there other table options? I am new to the router forum , so still a little behind the eight ball figuring out everything.
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G'day Bakergrandpa, welcome to the forum.

If you cannot find one to suit your router, it is very easy to make a table to fit almost any router...
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Welcome to the forum.
Most often the screw pattern/spacing can be an issue. It's very unlikely that a table would list compatibility with an older router like that. If you measure between your plate screws and then measure the spacing on a table in the store, you should be able to tell if it will mount in existing holes. Or even easier, take your base-plate off and bring it to the store to compare.

I used a router similar to that for years to cut plexi for signs.
I just noticed a post about a Bosch table with a Ryobi router. He mentions another pattern of holes besides the plate ones which worked for him. Perhaps your router has more than one set too. They're usually in a triangle or rectangle pattern.
The B&D 7614 router is a 1.5hp 1/4 collet only router. Are you sure this is the router you want in a router table?

I have one and don't think it would be good for under a table.....
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I also have the 7614 (3 of them for over 20 years). IF you put this router in a table, I strongly suggest you drill out (all the way through the frame) and re-tap the mounting screws to the next size up. As it is now, three small screws with very few threads is all that will hold it in the table. (just something to think about when you do find a compatible table).
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Seeing Jack's 'Rebel Router' brings back memories of cutting sign faces. We got many miles out of that inexpensive router. Sometimes whole plaza lengths of plexiglass cut to size with a 1/4" to 3/8" straight carbide bit, using a 20 foot piece of EX-1 aluminum extrusion for a guide. :)
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