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router workshop table and other item's

mks130 said:
I have seen the Router Workshop program on PBS. I am amased at how easy the setups appear to be. Does anyone have the specs/plans for the router table and fence that is used on the show?
here is the web site for all you will need

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Hi mks130

1st. let me say the Oak-Park router system is one of the best on the market today :)
BUT I try and tell it like I see it, and this is just my 2 cents :)
The Oak-Park system has a error or two in it and it's a bit high in price but again it's a easy one to use and setup.
They have many,many jigs you can buy for the Oak-Park systems.

The 1st. error if you want to use the big bits you will need to get two base plates,the one that has a 3 1/8" in it and it's a bit small because many of the panel bits are bigger that 3 1/8" now days.
Then you will need to get a base plate with a 1 1/2" hole in it so you can use the brass guides on the router table.
They don't make a insert for the 3 1/8" base plate,so this means you will need to have two routers or take the base plate off and put on the one with the 1 1/2" hole in it.
They have a new base plate with a vac.pickup but it's the same as the others.
It's hard to put out 170.00 bucks for a base plate and some plywood with a hole in it and a fence and other parts but it's a bit high in price I think.
But again if you go with the Oak-Park Router system go all the way and you will be glad you did. :)
The best way ,I think is to get a base plate with all the bells from the get go and make your own top and cabinet,they sale many types of base plates and you can do a search on Google/ for them.
I will not push the one I like because it's up to you and it's your money not mind.
But do note you get what you pay for when you buy tools... :) :) so buy the best you can. :)

If you don't want to make one(router table) you can find many that are made at the Mfg.
Same thing for them

Good Luck with your quest.. :)
Bj :)
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