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aniceone2hold said:
Ed, I went into one of the Sears Hardware Stores today to see if they had any of these tables left. The price tag was on the shelf for $47.97, and they were out of stock. I asked at the service desk to find another store that might have them. They refered me to a nearby mall store. The mall store had them in stock but one problem, the price was $148.99. I talked to the assistant store manager and was told there was no other sale on this table unless I could prove it. The manager informed me she would not call the Hardware store for verification, I could not pay for it at the Sears Hardware Store and pick it up there, and they would not do a stock transfer to the Sears Hardware store. In the morning I am heading back to the Sears Hardware store to see if one of the other Hardware stores has this in stock. Come Monday I am on the phone with Sears headquarters in Chicago to ask for an explanation. I believe I will mention the fact that I just love to contribute to woodworking forums...

This is exactly the reason that I have not done business with Sears in over 35 years. I see that they have still not changed :p
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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