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Under table routers sometimes clog up with shavings on top of the motor. These can get into the motor. To keep these shavings out of the motor, glue a piece of fiberglass screening to the top of the motor with crazy glue.
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I am not sure i would do this..The Motor is open so it can bring in air to cool the internal parts..By covering it up you will cause the motor to run hotter than normal..WE all know the main reason tools break down is becuase of heat.
That is why the better quaility routers should last longer and run longer..The windings are larger and less heat is generated.
I would attach something to the underside of the router table to deflect the saw dust away..
My thoughts

g-man Hickory is right you should not block the bottom of your router up the heat will not have any where to go the metal is what disapates the heat from the motor. What you should do is take your compressor and blow it out. If you don't have a compressor just take it out once in a while and vaccum it with you sweeper.
Router tip

Guys I guess I'll take your advice but I have been doing this for 5 years and the router is almost 18 yrs old. I also run a homemade vac system under the table.



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