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Router wheel guide

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I have recently been given a router (yes it is a cheap one so please do not yell at me) that has a guide fence and a little "roller wheel guide". It is a wheel on a bracket and I have no idea how it is used. Has anyone ever run accross one of these?
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Never heard of this type of guide. Always saw the router guides with just a straight edge so that it could run along the edge of the board. Maybe the wheel will work sorta like a bearing maybe. That's only a guess though.
The wheel was used to rout curved edges in the same way as you would use the side fence attachment only it was capable of getting into the curved shapes. It more or less has been superceded with the introduction of cutters with bearings which are easier to use.
Another use is to "scribe" an irregular profile simular to scribing a filler piece for mating a cabinet to an out of square wall.
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