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Welcome aboard Mark. Keep in mind that your troubleshooting is subject to your level of comfort with electricity. If you own a multi-meter then I'd say your likely a good candidate and following along diagnostic procedures will be more comfortable. If on the other hand your leery of opening a piece of equipment and applying power to trace then by no means do so. As like others I think brushes are the likely culprit but it could also be a circuit board or switch. Of course checking the power source first by plugging in anything else to see if it works is an easy first check or with a meter.

And if you don't want to or feel comfortable call the service department for their guidance but I suspect it will be very much the lines of these experienced users here. Just remember to be safe. Really strange things can happen with power. I once came home and turned on the light in the laundry room to have the light dim and a clock radio which was turned off come on. The oven wouldn't heat but appeared to be on but not warming much. Turns out that when the privacy fence was installed several years earlier the underground feed to the meter base was nicked ever so slightly and had corroded over time to where it was barely capable of carrying electricity.

Only one side of the panel was being fed and back feeding to the other. But I could take a meter and read 240 volts coming in as long as it wasn't under a load. Put a load on it and it dropped to 120V. In my career as a HVAC tech I've seen some really strange electrical issue, both low and high voltage. The obvious signs are a blessing trust me. Smoke, smell, sound, and so on can be clues but when none of those are present it usually means opening it up and investigation is needed. Of if you've really wanted to get a new router and was looking for a good reason......maybe it's a sign.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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