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Hey Bob and Rick,

I have been checking out the Oak-Park website and saw they offer videos of your program, but some of the series are not listed. Or am I missing them somewhere? In one of the series, you made picture frames and a bookcase. But those were in a series not listed at Oak-Park. Is there another way to get the project plans?

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Hey Drick,

Obviously I'm not Bob or Rick, but if you go to, click on episode guide at the top. all the episodes are listed there in their series. once you find the series your looking for, it will say whether or not you can buy the video at Oakpark, or it will also so if the plans are available for the projects in that series. if the plans are available, you can just go to that project and buy that set of plans.

Also, under "merchandise", you can buy a set of 6 project books from the series. (and the brass setup bars I so envy......) :)
Salty, you can also buy the set up bars at Rockler and Woodcraft. Oak Park has very nice stuff but they never run any good sales. I wish they would!
Drick, I noticed those series were not listed. They were before. My guess is they are out of stock at the moment.
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