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Hello all,

New tothe board and woodworking in general. I am looking for a router and need some advice on what I should look for or what is best. I have done some research and still not quite sure.

Should I get a fixed or plunge combo so I have access to both? What are the advantages of having the combo or seperate fixed and/or plunge? Are there drawbacks with a combo? Do I need both? I was going to get a plunge but now I am not sure.

I am not doing any major work with it yet but want to in the future so I was hoping to get something that would last and but be very versatile but also not costing too much. I was looking at something around 2 hp variable speed around 150 cdn if that is possible.

Any one know any good priced places in Canada (online?) to look at?

Hope this is not too much to ask but want to make the right purchase

Thanks for all the help
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