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Some years back I sold my big router along with my Incra-ls super system, table and everything for wood working unit ... I thought.
Not long ago when going through my garage in another table I found a drawer full of unused router bits that I had forgotten about.
Since I no longer do that kind of wood working I have placed these bits on ebay for $125 plus $10 FedEx shipping to the lower 48 states.

The bits available have 1/2" shanks and are:
1 – CARB-TECH set of 12 carbide tipped blades
1 - CARB-TECH raised Panel cutter
1 - CARB-TECH 2 1/8 in. Rosette Router bit
1 - CARB-TECH classic molding cutter
1 - CARB-TECH face and chair rail bit
1 - Amana ogie (I think) bit no wax it came without wax in a box.

If there is anyone interested in these bits they can be seen on ebay at:
Pictures and other details about these bits are available there.



1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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