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Routers used on ROUTERWORKSHOP

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They were using Portercable routers (gray colored) and now they are using maroon colored routers?
Look like Portercable painted maroon?
I just started subscribing to PBS on Dishnet and watch everyday at 4pm.
great show
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Doug, The "Router Guys" use routers that are sponsers of the show. If Hatachi is a sponser, then they use Hatachi. Porter-Cable is the sponser now, so! PC routers, drills, etc. I too have watched the shows you speak of and have wondered the same thing. Maroon? Maybe Bob or Rick will explain this maroon colored router?
Dr. Zook
You were probably watching an older show before the PC series started.
The routers are the M12V router with a GM purple disguise...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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