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have used a table mounted router for some years but am now getting more interested in hand held so am looking to purchase a plunge router.

rona has a B&D plunge for $89 (cdn.tire has the same one for $114!) but to match the same make as I have in the router table (Ryobi) i would have to pay $180 at home depot in kamloops.

anyone have any suggestions as to what i should be looking at?

by the way, this is my first post on this site so i am looking forward to talking to all my fellow woodworkers and sawdust makers out there!!!

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If what you have in the table is working fine for you, then you can just leave that in there permanently and get any quality plunge router for out of the table work. (you can never have too many routers, you'll find out soon enough) For your plunge router I'd look for a few things:

-can use 1/2 shank bits
-feels good in your hands, has good balance (it's not in the table anymore)
-beefy motor (around 12 amps or 2 hp)
-fits in your budget
-soft start, variable speed (you'll apreciate this more out of the table)

I personally like the old hitachi M12v (most bang for the buck) $160 us, or $130 reconditioned online, but I've heard good things about the new 2 base kit they have. I use the porter cable 890 kit, since it is pretty much compatable with all my older porter cable stuff, but it is a comfortable and easy to use router. The Ryobi 2hp RE180PL plunger at home depot is a pretty good entry router at $99 us (they also sell it online reconditioned for a couple of bucks less)

Bosch (kit shows up on sale at COSTCO every now and then), Porter cable, milwaukee kits are really nice machines, but run a bit higher. If your budget allows it, mabe a better way to go.

Anyway, long story short, make sure it feels good in your hands. If you're going to be using it out of the table, you'll really appreciate a comfortable router.
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