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Hello ....... I'm the new guy on the block although I have been monkeying around with woodworking since I retired in 1990.

I have an old fixed craftsman router but am in the market for a new plunge router. I figure the guys and girls using the Router Forums would be the best ones to recommend their favourite router. I have tried to find tested comparisons to no avail so far.

I have been watching The Router Workshop for several years and is the only place I have learned to use the Router. The first time I got the nerve to use it, it scared the heck out of me. Now I love that thing.

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Hey jack, thanks for the introduction, welcome to the community! :)
Welcome Jack. Most of the time Bosch wins the comparison testing, but this is not the way for you to choose a router. You need to visit a tool store that carries many brands where you can feel the operation in your hands. While all routers work basicly the same way they have a very different feel in your hands. It would be an injustice to you to say: "buy this one." The best value I have seen so far is the new Hitachi KM12VS combo kit. It is priced way under the competitors. While I own an originol Rockwell, two Porter Cables and a couple of Bosch's and have owned Craftsman in the past I admit my favorite is the Bosch 1617. It simply feels the best to me.
Welcome Jack: Mike is right with getting your hands on the tools to see what you like. You need to have some idea about what you will do with the router. For example will you be making raised panel doors? To do that you should have a router with speed control, and rated more than 2 1/4 HP. The raised panel bits are large, and a large throat in the router makes it easier. Money wise it may pay for you to get a kit, that will give you the additional bases. I have PC 7539 industrial router, as well as a Makita
and Bosch, I also have the 690 series PC routers, but I have gotten them over a number of years, to do various things. It boils down to everyone has an opion but it is your call that makes the difference. Welcome to the Forum. Woodnut65
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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