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I'm sure there will be other suggestions, but mine is to make either a sawboard or routerboard, which is just a length of 1/4" hardboard that has a strip of material with a known straight edge attached.

Use the circular saw (or a router with the bit you will use to straighten the edge) to trim the excess hardboard after attaching the straight edge piece. The sawboard/routerboard is then clamped to the material and will make straight cuts for you.

Above is my routerboard being used to line up a slot to cut to create a 'toilet-
bolt' clamp track, but using it clamped to the edge of your existing cut would allow you to straighten it out.

Below is a sample of a sawboard.

Note: Be sure to always use the same bit in your router once you have trimmed the hardboard for it's use.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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