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Greetings from Arizona,

Can anyone recommend what type of bit will work well for template routing shapes out of 1/8" or 1/4" masonite in a production level situation ?
I'll be using a handheld 2 HP plunge router (DW618PK) with a 1/4" or 1/2 collet. The bit diameter is of no particular importance to my project, but I'm guessing a 1/2" shank bit (maybe a 1/2" cutter too?) would be beefier and less likely to bend or chatter ? Maybe a spiral, or multi spiral bit ? Up-cut ? Down cut ? Straight bit ?
I'd also appreciate info on where to get a good deal on the recommended bit.

Thanks in advance,


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If using a template guide bushing, a 1/2 in spiral with a half inch shank should last quite a while. Masonite, MDF, particleboard, etc. can be hard on bits, but a good quality solid carbide spiral should serve you well.

Some examples:

If you are going to follow a template using a bearing (not recommended for doing a lot of pieces in my opinion) a quality flush trim bit with some shear angle will work ok. The fine dust from masonite might gum up your bearing on that bit however.

Hope this helps,
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