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template tom said:
Hi all
I will be taking a break from the forum as I intend sitting down to write down some of my experiences with the router and maybe send them to the various routing magazines that may be interested. I have put up a home page that may be of interest to some people who are new to routing and those who may wish to learn new techniques with the router.
If you are interested log on to

I am limited to what I can submit due to lack of web space.

Note I have nothing to do with Carb-I-Tool I have only had great satisfaction with their cutters over the past 35 years.
You are quite the routerman I stand far in your shadows.........

Are you planning an publications that we in the US might see?

I have been trying to do an write up since last Sept. Just something simple for a general magazine here in the US. I've started I don't know how many times and did sketches and changed this and that but I can never seem to get it the way I want it....... I hope your project fairs better then mine has.

Please at least check in once in a while to keep us all honest. And hey someday they might have things you can use your points for......

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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