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Just wondering here---
if air circulation in an enclosed area (garage/basement) would delay the formation of the rust.
I realize that the humidity is in the air and settles out onto a surface
but if the air movement would aid in evaporation of the moisture.

air circulation, as in fans not a dehumidifier/air conditioner.

also curious about covering a surface. Wouldn't that trap the moisture between the cover & the metal thus causing more rust? IIRC the commercial covers are non-porous. Sorta like a cheap table cloth---cotton one one side and some type of plastic material on the other.

maybe putting a container of Damp-Rid on the saw to collect the humidity in the immediate area? Or would that actually attract more humidity to the area?

was thinking of an experiment but a non climate controlled garage is not the best subject.

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1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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