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There are frequent times when laminate trimming that a router bit with an attached bearing is not the best choice. These attached bearing bits are a great choice for flush trimming, but not the best for trimming laminates, though some frequently get away with it.

The use of this guide allows the bearing to be moved a little further away from the cut, leaving a wider gap between the cut and the bearing rub point. Frequently when laminating, there is enough contact cement at the cutting point to gum up the bits with attached bearings, to the point where the bearing will begin also spinning at the bit speed. This will leave a burn in the laminate where the now spinning bearing is rubbing against it. I got into the habit of not only using a non bearing style bit and one of these guides, but also painting a thin layer of Vaseline petroleum jelly along where the bearing will rub. Even with this separately adjusted bearing, there is a chance that the bearing will leave a mark where it rubs, so this extra lubrication step prevents it. (cheap insurance).

You also need a base plate for that laminate trimmer. Don't use it without one. It can be a full circle, but is frequently horse shoe shaped with an open side so you can view the cut more easily.

Since laminate trimmers get used in all kinds of tight locations, there are usually up to 4 different bases available for them. Did you receive these as well? For my DeWalt I have an off set base, and angle adjustable base a straight base, and a seaming base. Each has it own unique features and ways of using them, but still I sometimes wish for something else.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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