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Ryobi RE1800PL1 table mount

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HEy all. I just joined this very nice forum, and I am very glad to have found it. I am an intermediate in terms of woodworking, maybe more on the beginner side of the fence, but I am learning to do better every day.

Now, I have this router, a Ryobi RE180PL1. I want to mount it under the working bench I have just completed. The top is made of a 3/4 inch MDF and a 1/2" oak plywood glued on top. It is very sturdy.

I have difficulties understanding how to mount my router under the table, which plate and insert to use. I got the Rockler catalogue and I can't figure out which ones will work with my router.

I can take out some of the top thickness if needed (from under), to accommodate the router.

Anyone can help me with this? I would surely appreciate it.

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Yves, the least expensive option for mounting your router is to directly bolt it to your table. A much better option is to buy the Grizzly #PT10432047 "Insert with pin" for $13. I suggest you buy two of these plates because you will end up with another router eventually and will have the new plate on hand to use it in the same table opening. Read the Sticky threads at the top of this section for information on how to install it.
Welcome to the router forum.

Thank you for joining us, Yves.
Hello Yves,

Welcome to the Router Forums.
Thank you very much Mike, and thanks for the warm welcome James. I will look up this insert right away.

OK,So if I understand correctly I'll get the square plate and the round insert for $13
? That's quitea deal!
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