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Ryobiy R500 Router - How to Install Bit

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Ryobi R500 Router - How to Install Bit

Hi. I received a Ryobi R500 plunge router from my grandfather, but it didn't come with a manual and I can't find one on the internet anywhere. My main question is how to install a router bit. I own a Craftsman router that has a collet that you insert the bit and then tighten the nut to secure the bit. However, the collet on the Ryobi doesn't look anything like the Craftsman. It doesn't appear to be missing anything when I compare it with pictures online, but I also don't see any nut or allen key screw to secure the bit. Can anyone explain how the collet on this router works?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi John and welcome. Exactly what Phillip said. That collet looks identical to my Hitachi M12V and also an older Makita model but both of those had built in spindle locks. Personally I prefer the two wrenches method.
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Makitas will fail. I used one in a factory that had and one new member was here who had the problem with his Makita. I often find it hard to get the leverage on the wrench while trying to hold the spindle lock on and the Hitachi one gets in the way of the wrench.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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