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Safety question

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I have a Craftsman Router table. The router base that came with it reads, “ Model C911 Router Base, Type 2”. I have a Porter Cable Router that twist mounts in it to allow the blades to sit above the table surface. Typical. There is a twist lock to fix the router position depthwise. A small piece of the cylindrical router base has snapped off. The router itself appears to be well seated in the base and locks solidly. Is it ok to still use? I cannot find a replacement as Craftsman no longer appears to make it as a separate part.
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Needs a picture of the broken area. If something like that happened, I would be reluctant to trust it. Time to consider retiring the router?
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Welcome John. It shouldn't be a problem if the router still locks firmly in the cylinder. Be aware that some of those routers with an adjustment ring really weren't designed to used upside down as the adjust ring held the router up at the desired position and the ring didn't necessarily lock to the router base so that if you turned it upside down it would fall out when unlocked. I found out that rack and pinion style adjusters will do the same thing. Luckily nothing broke when I learned that lesson.

Which router model is it? Someone here might have a dead one that is still in good shape.
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