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Sainsmart 3018 and gcode

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I'm using Candle to send gcode to my 3018 Prover. The Sainsmart sample files process and run correctly. Files I produce in Carbide Create choke. Some gcodes will work when sent from Candle's terminal, others will choke the router. G0X5 will choke when sent from the terminal. I'm not sure what additional info will help troubleshooting this issue. I'll supply whatever I can to help.

I want to carve!
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Welcome to the forum! Define 'choke' for us, please. That could mean a lot of things.

The Sainsmart sample files run fine.


My file chokes.

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BTW, I couldn't help but notice the difference in the first lines of code. I did a cut and paste of the sample code up to the first G0 to make my file the same as the sample. No help
Welcome to the forum.
M0;T10 is a tool change. A cycle start (if you have the button wired up) should cause it to resume. There should be a way to resume from Candle - the Pause button? If you don't want tool changes, there should be an option in the carbide create's post processor to avoid it.
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