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Hi I'm trying to get my laser working properly on my sainsmart 3018 machine to no avail.

It seemed to be working fine (but maybe the laser strength left a bit to be desired) but suddenly I just cannot get it to come on any more properly.

If I podge the button on the laser board it will flash briefly.
In candle if I hit the "spindle run" button nothing happens but if I jog it afterwards the laser will come on and stay on but at a low intensity.
I cannot make the laser work at all in laserGrbl.
It doesn't come on for jobs including ones where I know it was before.

$30 is set to 1000

One of the things I've tried is I've found a 12v 2a adaptor which fits the laser board but it did work before without this?

The laser itself is a black 5500mw 445 wavelength jobby.


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Welcome to the forum, Ben. Ther are some on the forum with more technical expertise than myself.

Someone should be along to help, shortly.
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