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Sainsmart Genmitsu 3018 proVER (2mm thick aluminium)

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Hi, this is my first ever post on this forum and I’m completely new to the concept of CNC routing so please go easy on me. I am an electronics hobbyist and I’m currently looking to buy an entry level desktop CNC router for the purposes of cutting straight lines in an enclosure which I am planning to use. The material I want to cut is 2mm aluminium sheet. And I would like the cuts to be nice and thin (probably also 2mm) … they are for audio faders to slide up and down. Furthermore I need to make rectangular cutouts for OLED display modules to sit inside.

The router I’m currently considering to buy is the sainsmart 3018 proVER and if necessary I am willing to upgrade the spindle to a 500W model.

My question is; will this machine be adequate for cutting nice straight lines in 2mm thick aluminium sheet? And do you think it would do this out-of-the-box or would it require the 500W spindle upgrade?

Oh and finally… I’d be open to looking at completely different models/ brands of router if anybody knows of anything that they think would suit the job better. However, my budget is unfortunately quite tight. £500 maximum is all I can afford.

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Welcome to the forum.
G'day Liam and welcome to the forum.
Hello Liam

Just noticed your post while scrolling through the forum.

Unfortunately I do not believe this machine is capable of cutting aluminum. I believe you are planning to cut T6061.

The spindle is much too weak and too slow. It is also open to chips and coolant getting into the windings.

My recommendation is at least 1 kw with VFD drive.
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