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Hi, this is my first ever post on this forum and I’m completely new to the concept of CNC routing so please go easy on me. I am an electronics hobbyist and I’m currently looking to buy an entry level desktop CNC router for the purposes of cutting straight lines in an enclosure which I am planning to use. The material I want to cut is 2mm aluminium sheet. And I would like the cuts to be nice and thin (probably also 2mm) … they are for audio faders to slide up and down. Furthermore I need to make rectangular cutouts for OLED display modules to sit inside.

The router I’m currently considering to buy is the sainsmart 3018 proVER and if necessary I am willing to upgrade the spindle to a 500W model.

My question is; will this machine be adequate for cutting nice straight lines in 2mm thick aluminium sheet? And do you think it would do this out-of-the-box or would it require the 500W spindle upgrade?

Oh and finally… I’d be open to looking at completely different models/ brands of router if anybody knows of anything that they think would suit the job better. However, my budget is unfortunately quite tight. £500 maximum is all I can afford.

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