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When I built the original cabinet for the sand paper I had gotten as far as getting the section built that held the sand paper but quickly realized that more room was needed for the oscillating sanders, sanding discs and so on so I built an addition that I was never happy with. It was just poor construction having added on instead of building a full carcass and then making the divisions. So I took the old cabinet apart and reused the sides and divider to build the new case. Biggest difference is that the divider is now dadoed into the top/bottom which spans the full width of the case.

This resulted in a sturdier cabinet and I widened the case as well giving a bit more room. Not a major project but one that ate at me each time I looked at it. It's been a while since I have been in the shop as I lost my mother a month ago and really didn't feel like doing much and didn't want to go into the shop without better focus.

We also had a lot of work cleaning out the townhouse and preparing to move my brother to some complex that can take care of him. Anyway way too much to try and focus on woodworking. Even this small project was far harder then it should have been with me making some stupid mistakes which I know better. Just adds to the frustration sometimes. But I'm ready to get going and find woodworking somewhat therapeutic if approached correctly, with a plan.

Anyway the results are, in my opinion, what I wanted to achieve in the 1st place. 1st picture is the old cabinet while the 2nd is the new.


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