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Saturday's Job

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Back in the beginning of May I was asked by a gentleman to carve a memorial for his wife in the top of the stump of a tree he had removed in his front yard. The tree stump was 52" x 51". (Big stump, but about 5" or 6" high.)

Took me a bit to get over there; my breathing being as bad as it was all summer. But, I made it over there Saturday and here was the end result šŸ™ƒ He was instructed to put something over it to protect it, as it is gonna age (I recommended white but he wanted black and wouldn't let us get the tree to look freshly cut again... wanted the weathering in there) so... as long as he's happy. Never did a freehand on a tree stump; it was an adventure to say the least. (I was a sight to behold, laying on those shop floor cushion mats with my @$$ in the air, carving this thing :lol: )


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Hi, Barb.
That was a superb job. Kudos for you and Ken.
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