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Saving my spoil board from get butchered up

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Saving my spoil board from get butchered up especially small pieces this works great too! If you are using clamps to hold your piece to the spoil board. I already had a lot of laminate flooring pieces and on small pieces I know I am going to go through pocketing something out I slide a piece of that flooring under the piece I was pocketing out, Z axis to that height,
. It cuts barely into that piece instead of butchering the spoil board. Free samples at Homedepot or Lowes. Go get ya some! :) I get a box at a time. It V -carves great too!

Have a Great week,
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If you'll set your Z zero to the spoilboard instead of the top of the work piece then you'll barely touch the spoilboard when the cut goes through. Obviously, you'll need to set it that way in your software, as well. I do this on every piece where I'm cutting through the entire work piece and my spoilboard stays intact.
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