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I'm pleased to have joined and look forward to developing my router skills. I actually own two routers but have only limited experience with the tool. My woodworking skills are derived from being a home owner and as I took on various home improvement projects I realized I was enjoying myself. I've equipped my basement shop with a table saw, jointer, planer, 14" band saw and hand tools. I don't make as much saw dust as I'd like but feel this is the winter season to change that. I've built cabinets, a blanket chest and various shop oriented projects. I'm planning a sofa table for my daughter and will start that project within a few weeks.

I'm also a motorcyclist. I ride a HD Road Glide and have a couple of cross country trips under my belt. Living in New England, the riding season is woefully short but the flip side is I get to make saw dust during the winter. I'm 58 years old, married and have raised 4 kids, all of whom are now fine adults.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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