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sawdust not blowing away

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I have recently taken up a new hobby, routing wood signs. I bought a Katsu trim router and it is great but vision is poor when routing out the lettering on the signs. I have glued LED light to the base but still struggling with vision. I have been watching " FISHTANK5050 " on youtube and he is a very gifted woodworker, and his videos are excellent to follow and pick up endless knowledge. I have followed in his footsteps and bought a very old Black and Decker DN66 router. It works like a dream and vision is excellent. my only problem is the router does not blow away the sawdust while cutting, making it almost impossible to see where to router next. My question is could I use a portable airbrush compressor and attach a pipe to the router to blow away the dust. FISHTANK5050 uses a Hobbyair 70 with rubber foot pad which works a treat. Unfortunately these compressors are no longer available and I am looking to do this cheap as possible.
Hope you can help a newbie
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have you considered using a vacuum to extract the dust, instead of a blower? The blower will scatter the dust all over the show, worst case you will inhale it, unless you wear your Covid mask indoors.
You may be able to use an existing Hoover. Does your B&D have a dust extraction insert? The model had one originally, a plastic shroud surrounding the bit, with a short pipe into which to plug the Hoover. I imagine still available from Partsdirect and suchlike.
Search the Internet, the user manual must still be available, will show what I am talking about.
Even if the shroud itself should get dusty and obstruct your view, you will be able to cut a portion away without a major loss of extraction, if your Hoover is in reasonable shape.
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Thank you for such a quick reply. I had no idea the router came with a dust retraction insert. I will search the net now. Yes I use my trusted Henry hoover for the rest off my tools. Thank you for putting me onto this Biagio
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Welcome to the forum.
Sawdust is nasty stuff, especially the ultra fine particles that, once they get into your lungs, do not come out. Here is a picture of a really simple and not terribly expensive way to extract sawdust, but not block your vacuum filter. It requires some 2.5 inch tubing, a Dust Deputy cyclone cone you can get pretty cheap, a bucket with top and a good size shop vac. Works really well for dust extraction, and to me, it's the minimum. Believe me, you don't want to inhale sawdust and wind up dependent on oxygen.
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signs ?? I like signs !!
welcome aboard, Steve - what part of the world are you in ?
could you share some of your projects with us ?
seeing what you are making might spark some more options for dust removal to suit the kind of work you are doing.
is this your router ?
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Welcome to the forum...
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