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Hi evryone, it's my first time here,i must confess at first i was a bit scared about using the Router after all i think it's the king of all Tools you can do just about anythig with the tool. I watch the Father and Son team on the Internet and they make evrything look so easy, thanks to them i am getting more confidence now using the Machine. Thank again.
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Hello and welcome Hotshot1961,

Don't be afraid of your router. But work safe and do be aware of it's capabilities. It's amazing what the Bob & Rick can do with a router. And best of all most everything they use can be homebuilt fairly easily. Just watch and learn like I do.

Yup it can be an intimidating tool, but I look at that as a good thing. It can reak trouble on you if you aren't careful but that is the same with most tools. I try not to get complacent with any power tool. Welcome to the forums and have fun!

Welcome to our community of woodworkers Hotshot. If you will note, that Bob & Rick have all 10 fingers from being very careful. So be "SAFE" and enjoy your router.
Welcome to the community!
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