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SCHEER ZF 630 Dovetail router and Gifkins jigs

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I have a Scheer ZF 630 dovetail router machine with a 1800 Watt Scheer router on it, like this one Zinkenfräsgerät ZF 630 and SCHEER ZF 630 - WOOD TEC PEDIA

I have found a manual online for it, (German and English), however it is rather dense and not so easy to follow. I'm keen to find info on this system in any videos / pictures or forums.

Also, i'm in Australia and have a set of Gifgins jigs of different sizes, ( so any advice and perspectives of preferences is welcome and appreciated. I also want to buy separate routers for use with gifkins jigs, so sizes and recommendations welcome, ie trimmers / battery verses corded ect.

Thanks in advance

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Welcome to the forum, Zephyr,

I have the Gifkins Jig (A10, H10). I only use my Triton TRA001 in a Oak Park Table for making dovetails.
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Welcome to the forum @Zephyr-L'Green
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