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I've got a HF drillpress, had it for years. Never bothered to check because it is plenty accurate for anything I use it for. But, if I did check it, I'd likely just drill a hole in wood, stick a dowel in, check it, adjust the table if need be, and repeat as needed. If it was out front to back, far enough to concern me, I'd likely fit a piece of plywood to the table, sand one side until the table is as square as I wanted it, then epoxy it in place. Shims would work, but I'd be likely to lose the shim after using it, it's a lot harder to lose a piece of plywood that is epoxied in place.

I go along the lines that if I really need a tool, and can't make it or wing it, then I'll buy a tool. But it's a lot more fun to just wing it. Hehehe
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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